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Almost all of our clients have the same aims:

  • As much money as possible
  • As quickly as possible
  • With as few post termination restrictions as possible
  • As cheaply as possible and
  • In as gentlemanly or ladylike fashion as possible

When we negotiate settlements leading to settlement agreements the employer will always contribute something to the legal costs. Sometimes we can get the whole deal done within the cost paid for by the employer. On other occasions our experience means we are not running up huge costs.      

Our engagment letters always set out what your instructions are and what we expect our services to cost. We record time accurately and properly.


When having to negotiate a deal

One of the easiest things you can do is just ring and have a chat about the situation. We will tell you if we can help and discuss costs with you. Before accepting any instructions from clients we have to comply with the Law Society and legal requirements. This means that we may have to obtain satisfactory evidence of identity to comply with the legal requirements on money laundering and also we will have to send you a letter concerning our charges and our services in accordance with Law Society rules.


Step 1 - send us a short email to, reference Conflict Check, stating the name of your employer.

Step 2 - we will respond stating whether we can act - if we cannot act on your behalf because we already act on behalf of your employer we will tell you immediately and keep the conversation confidential.

Step 3 - We will send you a form to complete providing all the information we need to advise you fully. We will also discuss an estimate of the costs for our advice and agree a way forward.


Other issues for executives

Payment in Lieu of Notice clauses - 'PILONs'- we can advise on whether the £30,000 tax exemption applies.

Tax Indemnities in compromise agreements or settlement agreements - what does such a clause mean and does your employer have a right to ask for one? We can advise on whether you should accept one and if so on how to protect yourself. 

Garden Leave - we can advise on whether your employer can insist you stay at home;

Service Agreements - not only do we draft them for companies but we regularly advise executives before they sign them.

Restrictive covenants - we can advise whether your employer can prevent you working for a competitor after you leave and on what to do if after you leave your employer is threatening you.

Bonuses we will advise on whether you are entitled to your bonus under the terms of the bonus plan and in certain instances we will try to obtain part if not full payment of bonuses for the year of departure if the bonus is yet to be paid.

Ex Pat employee termination issues - we have a lot of experience of dealing with ex pat termination agreements having dealt for many years, for example, with senior executives in the oil and tobacco industries. There are special tax breaks for termination payments for departing ex pat employees and those with foreign service. These are very important as they are in addiiton to the normal £30,000 tax free allowance.  They can be claimed for up to 6 years.

Discrimination we have wide experience of dealing with discrimination cases including a great deal of experience of pregnancy discrimination and redundancy during maternity leave.   Our most recent experience was of obtaining a very significant settlement in respect of a discrimination claim for a senior executive working in a worldwide software company. That settlement was obtained after a mediation lasting from 9.30 until just after midnight.  Most mediations don't take that long!

Employment Tribunals - we usually say that for every 100 executives we speak to we issue proceedings for 15 and actually stand up in an employment tribunal for 1 of them.  In other words tribunals are rare. We will, however, issue proceedings if necessary and if we do we will work with you to minimise your costs.    In December 2013 a client wrote "I wanted to say thank you for all the help [with the tribunal] that you had given me over the last year, I definitely could not have done it without you. If there's a form to fill in, so that I can write a recommendation, I would be happy to".   In that case we helped the Client in the background so as to minimise costs.  We also attended the tribunal and conducted the case on her behalf.   It was a sex discrimination case involving a female manager recomending that our client be made redundant as she had taken time off with morning sickness:  not a winning strategy.  That the Company's HR director was disbelieved by the Tribunal didn't help the Company's case either.


Executive Form

We have created a special checklist to assist us in taking instructions from clients in a structured, methodical and cost effective way. Simon Steen, the principal of Steen & Co Employment Solicitors, has dealt with hundreds of termination package negotiations for senior executives over the last 24 years, obtaining millions of pounds for his clients.  Our form grows and grows over the years as it is now on version 19.   Its not a compulsory quiz however but it does enable us to obtain relevant information quickly and efficiently.

If you decide to use our services completion of this form will assist in the process and will save time and expense. Of course, you do not have to complete it as we will be more than happy to discuss these matters over the phone or in a meeting whether during or after office hours. The form itself is a simple and cost effective way of getting instructions from you. Rather than ask you lots of questions in a meeting or on the telephone, at your expense, we simply send the form and ask you to complete it.