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5 Reasons to use Steen & Co Employment Solicitors assist you in negotiating your termination package and compromise agreement and to assist with the next employment contract.

1. The professional's choice. We are the professional's choice with extensive experience in acting for vice presidents and directors, senior managers, solicitors, in house lawyers, stockbrokers, chartered accountants and others. Other firms of solicitors and accountants use us both for their own work and recommend us to their clients.

2. Client Recommendation. The vast majority of our clients come to us through recommendation. If you are reading this then the likelihood is that we will have been recommended to you by one of our clients. Even if not recommended by an existing client then rest assured that client satisfaction and our reputation are immensely important to us.

3. Track Record. We have a proven track record of successfully acting against even the largest of employers such as Motorola, Hutchison 3G, Tyco, Dell and many others. We also act for a number of major companies so can see both sides of the argument. Simon Steen spent five years working in a major company as its legal advisor so understands how Human Resource Departments work. See our About Us page for more information.

4. Personal Service. When you call Steen & Co Employment Solicitors the lawyer who handles your case will be the person you speak to. This allows us to very quickly determine whether we will be able to help you or not and if we can help we will be able to advise you on time critical matters in the shortest possible time. You are never passed around from one lawyer to another nor will your work be delegated to a junior lawyer.

5. Experience. We have a very great deal of experience at negotiating senior executive termination packages and have developed a bespoke system for quickly and precisely calculating the value of your claims.